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Black & White

by DJ Triple Threat

The Unveiling Intro: Yo, it’s the unveiling y’all It’s time to reveal The absolute truth that is in Jesus Christ But you think everything is relative That itself is an absolute Now you’re confused, I know Just listen though as we unpack this In this whole entire album The truth in black and white That means no grey lines It means it is what it is Simple as that Know what I’m saying No ands, ors, if, or buts about it Listen, yo! Verse 1: Truth is not relative Like your cousin It’s one and the same Doesn’t have any distant cousins Can’t more than one way to God that would be straight chaos Good and evil are different Can’t mash them together like same difference Truth is absolute That means it’s living Beyond human control Just like God is living Creator of the world and Everything in it Man created in God’s image Sinned against God And tried to reform Him into man’s image Through wood and fool’s gold We seemed to lost the connection Christ’s death wasn’t in vain Neither was His resurrection Sin cut us off like a C-section Like 21:03, He deserves our total attention But the world is pregnant with lies And should have used protection Chorus (2x): What’s wrong? What’s right? What’s dark? What’s light? Consider this your invite To see truth in black and white Verse 2: Lived with your girl for ten years So your common law married And your gay in Massachusetts The state says you can marry Got a criminal record Unrepentant with the right to carry Claimed you pregnant by accident Rather abort than carry This is what happens When dark is confused with light Sliding a slippery slope Bout to cross the line Drew lines in your heart Walking a grey line Life isn’t a walk in the park Gotta know this before you flatline Self-righteous Do what seems right in your eyes Internally fighting Don’t know if you’re speaking truth or living lies ‘Cause the world says “you’re okay and I’m okay!” “Let’s agree to disagree!” “Live and let live, okay?!” No! That’s why people lose hope No resolutions, high on digital dope Christ is the doctor with the antidote You reject the truth And continue to slide the down the slope Chorus (2x) Verse 3: When things are unveiled They become uncovered When truth is revealed God pulls back the covers ‘Cause you’ve been sleeping too long Time to wake up I’m ringing the alarm Open your eyes ‘Cause it’s time to wake up Come out of your bubble Satan’s in disguise And he’s causing trouble Deceived by his lies And you got comfortable Time to break those ties And get a little uncomfortable Time to break those ties ‘Cause reality will shake you From the way the world has shaped you Your eyes can no longer strain Your mind must now be retrained Gotta maintain, abstain, and refrain from your old ways No longer live in vain Endure pain and take on truth’s ways It won’t be easy homie like New Orleans But you’re cut from a new cloth Christ blood dripping through the seams, hey1 Chorus (2x)
Everyday 04:13
Everyday Verse 1: Sunday be the first day Give God praise Monday through Friday Those be the work days Rest on Saturday Homie, you just chill Look back on the week It seemed so surreal So unreal So monotonous So many things to deal with So many problems You alone can’t solve them Going insane in the membrane Dealing with so much pain Can’t hide your shame Problems stacking like dirty laundry Don’t even have quarters to pay for your laundry Welfare done run dry And no food stamps Run in to Payless Shoes To get your new pair of Champs No food on the table Baby girl crying D-Boys on the block Crack, weed they be supplying Listening to Little Wayne saying “I feel like dying” Can’t be 50 Get rich or die tryin’ Can’t be the snitch And resort to lying Ain’t got a job Government cheese you be buying Section 8 knocking on yo do’ Like J-Dubs knocking on yo do’ Eviction notice slipped under yo do' Saying you got thirty days to go You think “where can I go” “With all these struggles” “Someone burst my bubble” “This is real trouble” Screaming out “Lord, I need your portion double, double” Chorus: Everyday I cry, I shout, hey Lord I’m walking in doubt Everyday I need you more but living is just hardcore Everyday I wonder if you’re there ‘cause no one else seems to care Everyday These are my problems Lord, can you really solve them Lord Verse 2: Sunday Went to church to look for some answers Too many questions But very few answers Can God answer? You know He will Went to the altar Got saved to be in His will Monday You do it all over again Same fake people and harsh environment Go to work Boss a jerk Put in work He laid you off first Packed your things Heading home on the train Tuesday, you was good Food in the bridge Wednesday, running out of food in the fridge Thursday, now you almost over the edge No food, no food stamps Really gotta make a way No job, no money Gotta find some way Your baby’s starving like Marvin She’s winin’, baby girl crying Drugs can get you away But you deny them It’s Friday Plus it’s a pay day House is a mess Section 8 says you got thirty days to go And you feel like you’re under house arrest Screaming “Lord, deliver me out of this mess!” Chorus Verse 3: Friday at the club Trying to take it easy Mind is occupied Everyday living isn’t easy Go home on Saturday All alone, no peace in your mind Calling on Jehovah Shalom Saying “Lord, did I not get saved” “Ain’t I one of your children?” “Why do I feel like a slave?” Then you hear God say; “My child I love you” “My ways are above you” “My thoughts aren’t your thoughts” “I don’t know what you thought” “’Cause this walk isn’t a lame walk” “I call my children to suffer with my Son” “I heard you, I see you” “I will never leave you” “But you must follow my ways” “Change your mind, on your knees and pray” “Humble yourself, I will show you the way” “But you must be obedient” “And renounce your sinful ways” At that, you got right with the Lord Got discipled and you got in His Word Knowing that you don’t deserve His grace, His love, His salvation No more sleeping on God And no more vacations When you got serious Then the Lord restored you New job, new house Family restored too But that doesn’t mean problems still won’t arise You can get through it though Just rely on Christ Uh, just take His guiding hand ‘Cause you know God Definitely has a plan Outro (2x): Everyday Everyday Everyday Everyday
I’m A Vessel featuring Vessel Intro: This is not a test But an announcement from the PEWS The Public Emergency Worship System The world continues to pollute the eyes And the ears of the people Even those in church With images of false prosperity Loose sexuality and all forms of idolatry We’re calling on everyone to pray So that we can save our nation Including ourselves from this ailing condition Showing love and be humble And the day approaches When the risen savior Jesus Christ will return The pride of the devil was his fall So let us not be prideful of our selves We’re just the vessels Verse 1 (DJ Triple Threat): I’m just an empty basin Sin laced with Poisonous liquid The world is venomous Lord cut off the head quick Empty me out of me And fill me up with you Less of me, and whole lot more of you ‘Cause without you I don’t know what to do Like a lost dog who ain’t gotta clue I’m dingy like Tony Without Christ blood Now I’m a believer Used to front like I was a thug New wine skin Old skin gone No longer a slave to sin Or trying to live wrong and strong That means I won’t burst Like the Red Sox You reversed the curse An empty vessel Pumping new blood From that transplant Use me to speak to the world Now a kingdom transplant That means I’m servant Not grace deserving I hope you learning That I don’t spit about I ‘Cause when I go bye bye Christ the king Is still crack the sky Chorus: Who I am is not important I’m just a vessel of God who’s been appointed These words I speak ain’t mine I’m just flowing the scriptures anointed I’m just a vessel Verse 2 (Vessel): Wasn’t called on the road to Damascus Was always set apart from these masses Used go to mass as a Catholic Each week I sat there asking What more to life than this here? Sitting with my family and my peer God called for me to go higher Like Christ I am to inspire Be filled with God’s desire That Holy Spirit to acquire My heart in need of your purity For in this life there is no security Use me a living sacrifice For my sins you already paid that price Fill my mouth Flow with your Word No stress for me Because like the bird You've provided all my needs Each day I fall to my knees Praying that my mind be renewed So in my pattern is not me but you My heart filled up from your fountain In faith I can move any mountain Dwell on your thoughts and your ways With you I'll remain ‘til the end days Chorus
Dichotamy 03:50
Dichotamy Intro: Uh, yeah Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Jeah! Uh, man listen It’s a dichotomy y’all Know what I’m saying It’s something every single believer goes through The flesh versus the spirit So you ain’t gotta like you’re all alone Ya Know what I’m saying God’s grace is on us It is the reality of being a believer though So, listen Yo (4x) Verse 1: Nothing good dwells in me That’s in my flesh ‘Cause the good that I wanna do Is always facing a threat It’s that nature that we wrestle with Like Jacob need that broken hip We all need deliverance Don’t act like you don’t How else can one cope With desires barrage She’s got enough temptation To fill a whole a garage Gotta jet like Joseph Stay pure in this body that I’m hosting No lusting, no boasting Yet sin stays hidden like soldiers in that Trojan Chorus: I got Jesus on my right side Satan on my left side Flesh versus spirit Conflict on the inside Conflict on the outside It’s a daily fight But I gotta please the Lord ‘Cause in Him there’s life I got an angel on my right side A demon on my left side Conflicting natures Dark versus light Gotta live by the spirit But my flesh don’t wanna hear it Opposition inside of me It’s a dichotomy Verse 2: The good that I wanna do I do not do The very thing I do not want to do I always seem to do Fornicating, black magic, idolatry Angry fits, drunkness, favoritism, impurity But the fruit of the spirit Is love, joy, and peace Patience, kindness, goodness Self-control, gentleness, and faithfulness Only one set can be repped by me One is an open path The other is narrow One leads to wrath The other, an infinite tomorrow The choice is obvious Yet not easily made Christ paid my price But I wanna be paid There’s work to do But I wanna chill in the shade He tells to wait But I want to get laid He says to be still But I wanna a license to ill Lord help me! ‘Cause this flesh needs to chill for real! Chorus Verse 3: It’s enough to make kookoo Like trying to figure out Soduku Just when you think you got it Something’s out of place The ball, you just dropped it So you get on your face You pray to stop this But God says here’s my sufficient grace This stirs up a fire But desire burns like a fire Need to quell this fire Before you burn in the fire Whoever said this walk is easy You know their liberal Being a Christian ain’t easy Believe me and every individual So don’t look at me like You’re holier than thou That’s pride homie Best to start repenting now There ain’t no death sentence now God looks at the heart’s intentions now Need to realize ain’t nobody perfect now It’s through Christ that we living now That means we living by the Spirit now Got fruit, that means the flesh don’t rule me now God rules me, wow! Look at me all cleaned up All glory to God who loves us now, wow! Chorus
What Is A Black Man Intro: Yo, too many black men today Are still feeling the stigma And the shame and the bane and the pain of slavery You see, back then Black men when they were forced here Were chained and whipped Now black men want the chains and the whips I blame so many things But listen I give you the flip side to it Verse 1: They say rap a little harder Like you been through something They say tear the club up Like you mad or something They say be a thug Commit a crime or something They say dawg, you too nice Like I gotta be mean or something They say real figgas do real thangs Does that mean smoking blunts Clap guns, and snatch up hun But never commit to that thang Or do real men keep jobs, start a business Take care of their fam Handle community business But the concept of true manhood Is far gone No longer do we fear God We just have long arms With out stretched palms Looking for a hand out The next time you put your hand out Them blueboys puttin’ cuffs on you And stop blaming the “man” Quote, unquote, that’s a joke Man up; don’t let society think you broke So you got five dollars to your name So your pockets ain’t phat The government ain’t to blame Black men just hang their heads in shame What happened to black pride? Now we just play the blame game Don’t worry bout what was behind Put the past in line Open your eyes Time to see that there’s more to life Chorus: So what is a black man? Is he a thug or is he a family man? Does he look for a handout or work with his hands? Is he bound like a slave or is he a freeman? So what is a black man? Is he a playa or a one woman man? Does he know his worth or is he a lost man? Is he a god or does he rep the God-man? Christ Jesus! Verse 2: Black folk justify negative portrayals Exploit ‘em for payroll Something to subscribe to For young blacks to stand in line to Be a pimp, playa, or single momma Like blacks gotta be poor and live in mad drama Don’t feed the stereotype And don’t feed your ego Humble yourself guy The Blackman used to be regal Now a slave to commercial paper Digitally masta beat and raped ya Identity stolen, someone duck taped us Someone framed us Society tries to shame us We need more Christ Like nappy fros need a shape up Being real isn’t having benjamins Or having friends with benefits It’s not bout the props you get Nor how many rhymes you flip Don’t know our roots Black on black crime Guns to shoot Don’t know fam Turn to violent groups This is what we’ve been reduced to Many generations used to The same hood stuff And can’t make it out the rough Chorus Verse 3: The heart of the matter is that many don’t care Ignorant and walk around wit a mean stare We need re-education For the miseducated Correct communication For the crimes perpetrated 400 years plus Still shackled and chained I got the key to be free It’s in Christ name We’ve been bound on a leash It’s time for what’s real Like how real men don’t eat keish It’s beyond race It’s beyond the paper chase It’s about grace through faith So that no man can boast I know our ancestors were chained and roped Taken in a boat To a country far and remote Far and removed from the culture and life the once knew Torn from their roots Destruction of all clues But we gotta be forgiving Must start rebuilding Christ is the foundation An open Heaven is the ceiling We gotta put our hope in God Stop blaming the “man” Stop calling our women female dogs God has the perfect plan So we don’t have to be lost God took appearance of man Lived sinless, tasted death on a cross United we stand, divided we fall Without Christ, you can’t be real at all
Just Say Nothin’ Intro: Yo, it’s about time I address all these Studio gangstas and all these radio emcees Just be saying nothing on the mic For real All I hear is every single other song on the radio “I’m rollin’ to club, rollin’ on dubs” I mean really? Are you serious? Is that all you got? You just wanna clap and snap And “Hey! Hey!” In all your “hey, hey, hey” Are you saying something? I mean I do that but at least I’m saying something Iyight, I ain’t gonna keep complaining Let’s dialogue Let’s chop it up for a bit Verse 1: Young man wanna be Little Weezy Got a glock, wanna Joc Actin’ high and sa-Diddy Wants to bring T-Pain Not knowing the T ceases pain Looking for fame Get a million dollar deal Like a one dollar menu Suddenly you the man Dozens of fans Money stashed in a van Girls, cars, and jewels All access by hand You’re just a fool Who dropped outta school Who’s being screwed Who’s just a dude playin’ a dude who’s another dude Man, you came from Academy Prep Now you on the mic like the streets you rep Grew up a Christian Knowing Christ paid your debt But nah, you substituted almighty God For a lighty dollar Say nothin’ for a million dollars Getting prostituted Vaseline or jelly The industry is raping you for your paper man Choose Christ over money Chorus: It doesn’t matter If you chatter like a parakeet You’re just making noise Sayin’ nothing on beat So, just say nothing (4x) You claim you bringing heat But you putting me to sleep You’re just making noise Sayin’ nothing on a beat So, just say nothin’ Verse 2: I ain’t trying to step on your toes But when I hear your flows You sound like a flock of crows Straight caw-caw sayin’: “Son, I’m rollin’ on dubs” “Rollin’ to the club” “Got a shawty and a bottle of bub” “I got hammers and bout to get drunk” What?! And you’re a role mode?! You’re the one our kids follow Their minds must be hollow Standards just a little shallow Drowning in some shallow water That’s an accurate depiction of stupidity People call your trash hot But it’s hot trash, pure stupidity God confounds the wise Takes the foolishness of average guys Trumps you guys Yeah, you’re fired! You’re chain can’t always hang low And shawty won’t always be a ten All the money You can’t blow Money can’t buy true friends Sold out to sell out Albums sold out, bout to go to the crackhouse But it’s time to return to the Father’s house Chorus Verse 3: Now in a lowly state Like in the southern hemisphere Lost all faith Now gave in to fear This message to you is very clear Once said something Then started sayin’ nothing When a deal came you way To be something Went from being something And feeling like something To feeling like nothing And having nothing Fake friends all gone Money all smoked up You feel like it’s been so long Going through this pain Now all choked up Turn the beat Unlike Freeway (throw a beat on) Need to go back to God Through Christ there’s a freeway It requires nothing But beliefs sake And homie, we all make mistakes Start to say something and bring some real change Start to say something and bring some real change Cause the world has nothing It says nothing But in Jesus Christ Yeah you’re something Chorus
Free featuring Fonz and G.O.D.sent Verse 1 (DJ Triple Threat): Bound up, tied up Shackled from head to toe Christ got keys to let you go But you like the whips and chains The chick in the range Think you a pimp Well its game over Falling off the screen Delay effects added to your scream You had been warned But lived the life of a slave Life now torn Not time to go to the grave Living mindless and depraved Stuck in the matrix Plus rocks you like to kick This is some craziness Already shot at But you were missed at Did you get that? Nah, I think you missed that Think you invincible like 50 Gonna find out the streets are shifty Can’t shop when thieves are thrifty Christ is patient but He’s not dumb He knows your intent You can’t always run Get saved now before your life is done It’s already kingdom come And night has met the risen Son, uh Know wrong from right But don’t wanna be free tonight Harriet Tubman ain’t coming And Lincoln is dead So what will be you escape instead?! Christ’s blood that was shed Or getting shot in the head?! Blaow! Chorus (2x): He who is free is free indeed and You can be free if you believe but The key to be free is to receive Christ died for you and me so we can be free Verse 2 (Fonz): A part of being free is Ephesians 2 We’re brought into life The other part of that We’re united with Christ So my mindset is just like Ma$e East, West, every state Come on, bury the hate Millions ain’t just what I’m in a hurry to make ‘Cause I’m more in a hurry to seek the Lord’s face With the kingdom at hand I’m a keep growing Keep sowing Keep hoping And keep flowing Like I’m in the training room with Jesse Owens So even if you don’t know what’s ahead of the road Kirk Cameron even knows that you need pain to grow So before it’s too late And you have the po-po Bag you on the block For holding the four four And bagging the cold raw You already locked up in the bin Crying out and screaming out, O Lord! So my advice to you Is to right your wrong Before you get left like that Beyonce song Chorus (2x) Verse 3 (G.O.D.sent): It’s all love with my God He’s intimate man He’s into me Had His son die And rip the veil So I can enter He Elected me He’s setting me apart From the rest of these So I can attain An eternal life expectancy In the kingdom singing to God With Christ next to me But Yahweh will only hear one set of keys ‘Cause He and I are one More than His reflection see Since He blew His breath in me I’ve been trying to take my steps like Jesus Who died but resurrected three days later To prove that He was the expected beast The lion who reigns From Zion untamed Took an L for our sake So we can rise up again To free some from the penalty Most men’ll see To put you on to this news That’s why I let my pen go leak And plus it’s high to walk in truth In Jordan’s retro sneaks But my steps have been predestined By Him who set me free From the penalty Most men’ll see The Holy Spirit put me on But my flesh so weak But Galatians 5 verse 1 Says I’ll be… Chorus (2x)
Reap What U Sow Verse 1: Everybody is a farmer Spreading some seeds Be careful, ‘cause what you sow you will reap I’m not talking bout love offerings To a T.V. pastor I’m talking bout the Word That comes from the Master But where you plant, homie That is the key question And how that seed grows It requires much attention Does that seed get trampled or eaten? Choked out and beaten? Does it produce a crop Where one’s spiritual is increasing? ‘Cause many don’t understand Though they hear and see But how can they receive If they don’t believe ‘Cause good seed can’t grow on bad soil Satan will snatch the Word away That seed is now spoiled If you sow to the flesh that will reap death But if you sow into Christ You’ll reap eternal life Watch where you scatter Where you plant matters Don’t matter if your pockets are phatter But rather can your harvest Withstand the disaster Chorus: What goes around It comes back around You will reap what you sow It’s a spiritual principle What you plant in the ground You’ll yield its fruit from the ground Good or bad seed, its fruit will grow It’s a spiritual principle Verse 2: Many people speak of seed and harvest time Run around the sanctuary, doing cartwheels But the principle is denied They try to name and claim it Only faith it ‘til they make it Faith is needed But obedience must be heeded Remember the parable of the talents Two sowed, one buried One lost, two reaped The two reaped because of their obedience The one lost due to his disobedience We must watch how we speaking For power is in the tongue It’s an unruly member that can build or dismember ‘Cause the things that are happening now Are the harvest of past things sown And thoughts and actions sown now Is the future we’ll reap From present things sown So sow in faith like a seed of mustard Don’t expect lackluster Stand on that word, homie And receive what you heard, homie Chorus Verse 3: You can gain an inheritance Receive all the blessings But there’s the flipside of the coin What about the curses that join From evil acts Like guns, prostitution, and crack This is where many be at ‘Cause if you sow dirt, you’ll reap dirt You sow hurt, you’ll reap hurt Beware of how you sow Satan may destroy Good seed sown Continue to grumble Continue to complain Causing others to stumble Point the blame at others And watch the same Measure be applied to you Judge not lest be judged This is the truth Gotta speak it in love Stop talking all negative And thinking everything is relative No seed can produce except after its own kind So what kind of seeds have been sown in your life Do you sow to the sinful nature And reap destruction? Or do you sow to please the spirit For spiritual reconstruction? Chorus (2x) Outro: You will reap What you sow (4x)
Survivor 03:23
Survivor Verse 1: Uh Born in ’79, not expected to live Parents 17, third trimester abortion The method: saline Eighteen hours I fought Born alive, nurse surprised Not expected to walk Determined, started walking at 3 With the aid of walker Cause I have cerebral palsy Orphaned at a young age Adopted by Penny Today many are amazed By miraculous story My mom tried to kill me But I forgive her willingly Can’t quit, giving up’s not an option Life is a blessing There’s no stoppin’ Sharing my testimony And training, running marathons worldwide You can say I Could’ve had a horror story God kept me before my youth I give Him all the glory My name is Giana Jessen I survived an abortion I testify of His blessings For God is my portion Chorus (2x): I’m a survivor More than a conqueror No weapon forged Against me shall prosper I’m a survivor I’m still standing y’all All glory to God The reason why I’m standing tall I’m a survivor More than a conqueror No weapon forged Against me shall prosper I’m a survivor He knew me before my birth Protected me Cause He knows my worth Verse 2: Locked in a cell Don’t know if tomorrow I’ll live My Christian fam killed But I know they still living Persecuted for speaking my faith Beatdown, spat upon, and punched in my face In the face of death Not fearing death Deprived sleep, daily beat, I’m starving Drug injected and still I’m starving Cause Communist, they don’t want religion Wanna silence and muzzle and put restrictions Shackled like a dog for my Christianity In this world of insanity, greed, and vanity I’m free in spirit Through Christ who lives in me They can strip me naked Torture me ‘til I can’t take it This is truly pain But to live is Christ and to die is gain Rather go against the grain In this Chinese hell hole In Christ I’m whole Maybe a prisoner But I’m a survivor A slave for Christ Signing off from China Anonymous… Chorus Verse 3: Real recognize real I used to gang bang Streets flown through me Gambling with big change Buckin’ like the A-Team takin’ heads ‘Til one day my crew had wanted me dead Rival gang I would befriend My wife and daughter I left Ducking to another country Found a church I wasn’t holy Prostrate before God saying “I’m not worthy!” A minister came by my side as I cried Saying, “For your atrocious deed, you can be redeemed” “This you must believe why Christ died” Turned my life around Came out of hiding Went back for my fam A new country we arriving No longer fearing the bounty Cause God’s got me Doing prison ministry as a chaplain And a pastor over ex-gang bangers Saved from living like strangers Set me free from my life of crime Thought I had it all Now my life’s not mine Cause I give Christ my all Chorus
Daydreamin’ featuring K-Drama and Yung Semaj Verse 1 (DJ Triple Threat): Head is in the clouds Triple Threat is floating Say I’m outta town Glazed over, eyes still open Daydreamin’, sub dreamin’ Of racial harmony Everybody singing in harmony Nobody given in marriage No need for e-harmony Everybody healed To the King of Kings we yield Heavenly hosts everywhere But there’s no show Family everywhere Mad love, no fear Yo, this is so dope Seeing the saints of old And the saints of new In their robes God on His throne But my bubble burst An overwhelming sense of trouble thirst Sickness, addiction Disobedience, straight sinning This is the world we live in There’s the grace of God But we reject His forgiveness This is the opposite of my dream What kind of world is this?! This is hell here Folk on welfare Spiritual warfare And digital warfare God is still here Interceding while day dreamin’ A better future will be here, hey! Chorus: I’m daydreamin’ Dreamin’ what the world could be I’m daydreamin’ Dreamin’ one day the blind will see I’m daydreamin’ Dreamin’ we can agree Dreamin’ of God’s kingdom Where we’ll all be free Verse 2 (K-Drama): Yo, Uh I’m sitting at my desking My mind at rest Eyes still open Seeing the best (yes!) Seeing the world Trusting in God Helping each other Until problems are resolved, pause Putting other before yourself Not being selfish Always willing to help Teens celebrated for being themselves Sitting in church By the message compelled To stand up for some righteousness To understand how painful sin is To ban together to ban sin out there lives To man up and live a life like Christ To be a woman and not a video vixen Even though the things of this world are tempting I’m praying as dream so the world can be this A world filled with people that love Jesus Chorus Verse 3 (Yung Semaj): It’s ya boy Semaj! Haha! What up Triple Threat?! Yeah, let’s get it! I’m dreamin’ of the day They dreamin’ of the way The truth and life I bring truth to the light I bring day to the night By what I say through my mic I’m amazed by His might Giving praise is how I fight Pay attention I’ma mention Ways to beat your opposition I’m committed if you listen You’ll be given your prescription My intention that’s intended Is to stop you from pretending I’m daydreamin’ Dreamin’ that the world was right I’m daydreamin’ Dreamin’ that the world love Christ And they feenin’ Feenin’ for eternal life It ain’t easy But I gurantee it’s right And it’s pleasing Pleasing in Jehovah’s sight Don’t get greedy (why?) Greed will only to pride Blood leaking Bleeding from His holy side He freely hung on that tree and died I’m day dreamin’ Dreamin’ that the blind can see I’m daydreamin’ Dreamin’ of the spirit in me And I’m breathin’ life into every breath And I’m leavin’ Walking with Him every step Man, stop cheating Won’t you just take a test? And start believing That He will come and do the rest This evening I realized I was blessed And no reason He is just good Himself He turned my dreams into reality Now life is how it oughta be
Turn Back 04:19
Turn Back Intro: Uh, many of you guys listening to this song Many of you guys have ran away from God Because of disappointments And discouragements in life But you know what? God is calling you back He wants you back Know what I’m saying There’s no safer place to be Than in God’s presence And be in his love But you don’t feel like that right nw Can I talk to you for a second “Please” Iyight, please listen Listen Verse 1: U trying to get high Like it’s coolie High Trying to run from life When reality smacks you like a pimp You don’t wanna slip Like walking on ice Can’t find your balance Everyday is a challenge Trying to use your talents To escape the drama Turned from God When life was rot with drama The kind of drama That you couldn’t save for momma Or President Obama That keeps u going in circles Drunk, stumbling over hurdles saying “Oops, did I that?!” like your Steve Urkel Trying to Escape All the mistakes All the aches And all the pains All the struggles All the fights All the games Life driving you insane God ain’t to blame Turn back! Stop running away Can’t be a track star If you’re not running the race Chorus: Your Heavenly Father is calling for you to, Turn right back! And He knows you’re hurting nut why did Turn your back! God wants to heal you and restore, (and restore, and restore) Restore you back Don’t you know that God is patiently waiting the day, You come back! Verse 2: Your legs running, mind running Negative words running Now on the corner drinking your life away Takin’ it to the head In liquid courage Trying to drown the pain away Wake up the next day It’s the same thing Same feeling as days old Hardened heart, face cold Body young, but spirit old Dealt with much at a young age Filled with so much rage But you keep it contained yet trying to put it away With mo’ liquor, mo’ weed Mo’ money, mo’ problems You would turn to God But u don’t think He cares But you think the world can? They got more problems They got sick symptoms They’re sin addicted and death afflicted With all the crack All the lack All the ladies on their backs Wars, terrorist attacks Do you really want that? Is that what you really need? I can see your heart bleeds It needs mending Can’t keep pretending And try to blend in With a world you was never meant to live in Chorus Verse 3: On a corner stressed In a mess Feelin’ depressed Get it off your chest Your frustrations No more sexual sensations Left you feelin’ empty Like everything else empty Ready to pump a gun on empty Into your head until the chamber’s empty “No! Don’t do that!” “Throw it back!” “Turn Back!” A voice inside yells back Your realize you don’t have to do that So you just turn your back It’s not easy like Kraft Easy Mac Blazed a trail so sad So mad, feelin’ blue, and feelin’ bad Over all the mistakes you had Engaged in, from God you was estranged and Actions outrageous from all the rampaging Over the years Crying tears for fear That your wrongs were strong Well you’re wrong God can forgive you Plus you must forgive you And release Hurts mad deep You can be free Just take the Lord’s peace Your wrongs will drown You’re not Mary J. You’re not going down Let your heart and mind be sound Now that the static is gone Life is so clear Now that you’re back with God Chorus
Gone But Not Forgotten Intro: You see To be absent from the body Is to be present with Christ And to live is Christ And to die is gain And there’s also peace for The righteous in death But the living don’t understand So many have gone one But they’re not forgotten Know what I’m saying Yeah, uh, yo Verse 1: Absent from the body But present with Christ Still got memories Of me and you in life I know there’s peace For the righteous in death But you left too quick Why’d you have to jet I mourned til the morn And I mourned through the night I miss your smile, your style, your zeal for life But joy comes in the morn After weeping through the night But it was unexpected When you make your exit Life shouldn’t be taken for granted In Christ we should be Rooted and planted I know you died with the Father’s love And now you’re living with the Father above But I wish you was here But you way up there Yet you still right here So no more sorrowful tears One day I will see you again I will testify in life that you was more than a friend Chorus: You may have left But you’re not forgotten We may have wept But you’re not forgotten Life is different But you’re not forgotten We will see you again So you’re not forgotten Verse 2: I don’t know why He had taken you up And I don’t know why Instead, why He didn’t take me up But I know i Will see you again When He calls me up ‘Til then, I won’t be sad Still ringing praises up Still breathing, so I must go on Here for a reason, God where I’m weak You make me strong Easier said than done, I know It’s hard We can all agree Dealing with death is hard ‘Cause you never stop missing the The one’s you love It’s like a part of you is missing Don’t know where to direct that love Feelin’ that void Need to fill it with God’s love A day turns into a month A month ‘til a year God heals all wounds in perfect time Through the shedding of tears Death we don’t understand It perplexes man There’s more beyond this life If you put your hands in God’s hands Chorus Verse 3: The funeral’s done past Thinking on the good times Blanking on the bad You wanna lighten the mood, So you sit back and laugh Trying not to feel sad ‘Cause now memories is all we have Some have lost their mom or their dad A brother, a sister, a friend we had Death is a necessary part of life It sucks, we don’t understand why It’s the end of life But for those of us Christ It just begins Absent from the body But not forgotten In Heaven it’s a party So we need to celebrate life It’s a homegoing service It’ll be alright ‘Cause if you saved And if they saved You will meet again Until then it’s okay to cry To smile with tears in your eyes So as we continue on this journey Let Christ be our goal at the end of this journey Chorus Outro: Your memory still lives on Your memory still lives on Hey! Hey! (3x) Your memory still lives on On until the break of dawn Hey! Hey!
Flatline 04:57
Flatline Intro: I think we can save him Pass me the scalpel! The scalpel! Quick, quick, quick! What’s his blood pressure (It’s low sir! It’s low!) What do you mean…? No! We gotta save him! Can’t lose him! Shhhhh! Listen… Verse 1: Are you breathing? Once a baby teething Now a teen And your rhyme and reason Is dicey games and living like a heathen Stay dropping out of school To chill with them D-Boys You be finding Cool Play hooky to hook up Drugheads and bang tools Got the drugs and the guns Sold to a blueboy now you on the run Ducking through traffic and alleys Afraid of getting done Cause they confiscated your ride With your stash inside Ran into big boss and you know this can’t be tight He asks “Where’s the stash?! Where’s the cash?!” Then you hear a gun blast This isn’t MLK ‘cause you ain't free at last In the ICU, breathing ya last Blueboys on the bedside reading your Miranda rights Trying to pray to God now As the EKG blips Repenting now As the IV drips Thinking of the foolishness And all the things you did Only 15 years old But tried to live like you’re grown Dead at 9:15, three days later a funeral But did you make it home? Man, only God knows So in you life and times How will you story Read between the lines Cause you only get one life before you flatline How you gonna live before you flatline? Hey! Chorus (2x): You only get one life before you flatline (3x) How you gonna before you flatline?! Hey! Verse 2: Are you still dreamin’? At ten, sewing and seamin’ Watching BET and MTV and Drawing what the celebs be wearin’ Fast forward, eighteen, no more, T.V. starin’ A Benz you now steerin’ Living your dream But drugs you now sharing You gave it all to be in the fashion scene Models, cars, covergirl on the magazine Sold your soul and gave your body Mind gave in to the folly Dream not fulfilled Living like a zombie No sleep, hang with creeps Was this that same little girl’s dream? Nice clothes, money folds Go to the awards show Red carpet rolls Just another pretty face though You gave it all but you play no role Depressed in a pretty dress Shawty overdosed Almost died, came close But ten years comatose Broken, never mended Often this is how the story goes So in your life and times How will your story read between the lines Cause you only get one life Before you flatline ‘Cause you only get one life Before you flatline, hey! Chorus (2x) Verse 3: Born in a manger To the world a stranger Jealous wanted Him dead So ma dukes and pa dukes fled to Egypt Many years later, 30 years old Fasted forty days, later seen in the temple Unfolds the Isaiah scroll His destiny pre-told in times old Prophesied Messiah Healing, saving, preaching with a fire But the Pharisees wanted Him retired And expired, so they gathered and conspired Tried to make him out to be a liar They failed many times Christ and the 12 traveled three years in life Until the final time Caught in the garden, framed, and tried Beat down, nailed on a cross Three hours later He died From the cross to the grave Three days later He would rise Lived sinless, went through Hell, flatlined Went to Hell, came back alive Squashed death, so our EKG’s blip No more flatline Must believe on Him before you flatline So with all the hopelessness And when you feel ready to quit Remember this The same things we deal with He experienced But didn’t have to He died 'cause He loves me and you He flatlined so we don’t have to Unlike those fake folk all around you Who just wanna drown you The question still rings true So in your life and times How will your story read between the lines ‘Cause you only get one life before you flatline You only get one life before you flatline, hey!
After All Is Said And Done Intro: Uh, yeah After all is said and done?! Where you gonna go? ‘Cause we live in a day and age In a society where people Thinks there’s more than one way to God But if there is more than one way to God Is there more than one way to go? No, so obviously that means There’s only way to God So where do you go in the end? Verse 1: After all is said and done We turn the lights off But when it’s all done Is that all? No, there’s more to the story Than temporary glory Temporary fame A temporary story All isn’t ill fated This is constantly debated Some think we live once, we die once And that’s it Like life is a front And that’s it Wrong answer, please try again Some believe in reincarnation In the next life Take on reanimation Due to how you lived prior Wrong, you don’t come back “then what is it?” you ask Actually it’s quite simple Your born, you suffer, you die Nod your head as a reply Did you know there’s a loophole No? then here we go Chorus (2x): It’s your swan song And the fat lady is starting to sing Lived it all But believed in nothing Now on your death bed Hoping there’s something After all is said and done You sure hope there’s something Verse 2: A loophole A small crack in something That unperceived line That is often covered Like the idea that being good For goodness sake is enough But since aetheist’s say there’s no God Whose sake are we being good for? Then is being good lost? No! That’s self righteous and humanistic Some believe in God pluralistic End up in some spacecraft Or in Heaven with ten virgins having a laugh This ain’t it all Sorry but these are all wrong Chorus Verse 3: Can’t make it to Heaven based on your works Nor do we merely just go back to the dirt The loophole in life is Christ So I suffice to say that fight Today is this whole concept of afterlife Or is it everlasting life? “’Cause the physical dies” “But the spirit lives on right?” That’s a fact Question is: What will you see when you fade to the black? Awaken to the light or still in the black? Got the light of life or the second death? The first one: Return to God The second one: Separated from God At the end of your story The translation is quite simple: You go before the thron Give an account of your life Where will you go? Bust hell wide open Or chillin’ with Christ? Only one life to get it correct By grace, not works So get it correct If you can’t guess by now Christ is the connect Take nothing with you But you and I hope you Know the truth Before you go too, hey! Chorus (2x)
C Theory 04:52
C Theory Intro: Listen Clear the ear wax out your ears For a minute homie And listen as I drop some weighty truth Not a conspiracy Listen Verse 1: War, famine, pestilence, and disease Secret societies Every citizen another’s property Military draft, fresh faces join the infantry Trained to kill someone who’s not your enemy Terrorist used to spur war Civil disobedience in a world torn Shadow government Got media bluffing Real news never covered Hide your sisters and your brothers Put them in concentration camps No rights, no way to recant JFK setup MLK setup RFK setup 9/11 was a setup Innocent lives taken away Those protesting put away And your first amendment rights Yeah, those were taken away Shadow government control Military on patrol Curfews initiated Middle class disintegrated Diseases created Preachers saying faith it ‘til you make it As the church is duped Beaten bloody and naked Chorus: It’s the C Theory Hope you see clearly Truth behind the lies Hope you see clearly ‘Cause they got u blind It’s the C Theory Plus you think I’m crazy But when the truth is revealed It won’t just be a story Verse 2: We ain’t PC’s Don’t take the chip They wanna use ya Implant it in your wrist Then things take a shift It goes from temporary to permanent Mark of the beast in ya head Pastors under arrest For speaking beyond being blessed For condemning gay marriage Abortion and corrupt government No bipartisanship, only republicrats Introduced the hood to crack It’s tough being black And if you’re poor and white They oppress women and Do their deeds in the night World economy crash planned Say hello to the Amero As the American dollar’s canned Finger prints and eye scans World downgraded to ten lands Say hello to the one world government Christianity banned And your voice taken away Can’t take a stand Can’t feed your fam No longer entertained fam ‘Cause there’s now a Lack of abundance in a now barren land Chorus Verse 3: Anti-Christ is revealed World domination The beast is revealed The false prophet too Wasn’t the 60’s a clue Anti-Christ popped Shot like Pac Rises days later The world drops To their knees in worship God isn’t pleased Two prophets sent With the spirit of Moses and Elijah One who can stop the rains One who brings fire Judgements afflicted As seven seals opened Seven bowls poured And seven blown trumpets On the seventh, Christ is coming back The blood of the prophets and martyrs Taken back As Christ cracks the sky World’s armies can’t survive Judgement has arrived People get their final place Heaven or Hell, do an about face It’s the late 2000’s The signs are all around World leaders are puppets Finances are stuck and bound When the final trumpet sounds It’s going down Don’t take this lightly This ain’t false Google it for yourself C Theory ain’t false Chorus Outro: Our rights stripped away Our lives taken away But we have open hands Saying take it away, take it away Our minds taken away Our souls take away Stuck in the matrix All day, every day Absolute truth taken away Morality stripped away Chaotic relativity rules the day, rules the day They want God out the way, but He won’t go away He’ll make a way where there seems to be no way Anti-Christ inspiring U.N. conspiring Military firing On ordinary citizens Christians martyred, dying The media’s lying Ain’t nobody testifying To what they buying 2x
No Grey Lines Cypha featuring Fire, Servant, J Robinson, and Disciple Verse 1 (Fiyah): I got one 16 to do my thing And I got one 16 to tell bout the king My dreams, they seem to flow on a schwing Without Christ They lean like a Jenny Craig team I Heard He died on a cross to save me Reject Him, that’s crazy like John Wayne Gacy They murdered Him Consider me, lowered Himself And became sin Few will ever know the position we were in And few will ever know the position He was in The Lion and the Lamb Repositioning men First He died then was buried and rose in three days Like I got my mojo back baby! Oh behave! The flow well is nothing when compared to His ways Where my Christians at saying Ay! Ay! Ay! And the page gets raised In the book of life stand Jesus is hot I’m His number one fan Ha! Verse 2 (Servant): Servant’s here with the golden platter Bringing healing that’s needed for Your life that matters My rhymes firm and sturdy Like my Dad’s work bench Build a foundation with precision Working inch by inch With a team of brothers Playing for the number goal Preaching the good news And healing with a love that’s bold His league always catch a draft You follow my season For obvious reasons And break the press with the strength of Jesus The first I coming hard ‘Cause I know my God Getting to souls That’s lost far on a mirage Attentive conquerer When I suit and shod my feet With the peace Knowing Satan is under defeat I’m free And redeemed from the law of the curse From the sword of the spirit With consciousness at birth Blessed with words Freezing sin into winter icicles And intelligence to handle words like a bicycle Verse 3 (J Robinson): I’m so stuck on top of my game I can’t fall off I ride on His name J. Christ, you know, Hova mayne Not the one that they call Jay Hova mayne But the one they call When they need saving mayne He makes it rain He makes it hurricane Can’t understand when the Earth be quaking It’s the only time that you be praying Lived the life of a thug on a street Outlaw, dudes selling drugs on the street Your boy is no good Your boy is so hood Try to move forward Smoking on back woods Addicted to the game Wishing that he could Come to the church Leaving the hood And escape the gates of hell Is something he could I breathe life on the track Praying he would Verse 4 (Disciple): Ah! Yo! The block’s cliché You’re letting gun buck While the rappers are Putting out trash like a dump truck You play with your life While relying on dumb luck Waiting for enemies Then you swing like a nunchuck Completely ignoring the fact That you’re not redeemed You know about the Lord But you wanna just cop the green Snatch up a brick, cook it And go lock the scene So you could end up with more kicks than a soccer team Live in the street Jehovah crushes the lies and deceit Giving you Jesus disguised in a beat Yeah I know You flipping a million pies in a week But for you The savior was crucified with the heat Anybody can tell that with Jesus You never done wrong Jammin’ the barrel When you at the end Of a gun drawn I’m giving Him praise Until they tell me lungs gone Hoping you get with God After you hear this one song Verse 5 (DJ Triple Threat): ‘Cause it’s one for the Father And two for the Son Three for the Spirit No where to run Or duck or hide Stop all the quacking And stop your lies Life ain’t a party Like surprise! ‘Cause I sermonize To open the eyes Of the walking dead Life it’s a thrilla Weapon is the gospel Not a chin chilla Like Sean Slaughter I’m your neighborhood sin killa Chop it up with sin Then your life is screwed Same sad song played by the violin The good guys getting booed But they always and the bad guys always lose So which side you gonna choose In this life you can’t merely peruse You’re not Gregory Hines So stop dancing around the issues Like magazine reading ‘Cause sin begets sin Like rabbits it’s breeding Christ died and bled No longer bleeding Life is only for a season Ask yourself What do you believe in?
Don’t Look At Me featuring SK Intro: No bother look at me A Christ live in me So don’t look at me A the one and only Jesus Christ Where live deep down in me Don’t look at me! Verse 1: Who I am Is not important But Christ, my man He’s very important You see me, homie I’m just like you Flesh and bone I gotta give an account too So don’t look at me like I’m perfect Can’t you see Without Christ, that I’m worthless And I ain’t got all the answers Shoo, I got questions that I need answered I maybe a Christian But I still can do wrong His standard I be missing Where I’m weak God makes me strong Don’t put faith in me ‘Cause I’m not infinite Might change my decision quick Too easy to break a promise So get your eyes off of me What you looking at? Get you pupils on Christ ‘Cause He’s where it’s at You can get with this or you can get with that You need to get with Christ He’s the one you should be looking at Chorus: Don’t look at me ‘Cause I might fail you Don’t look at me ‘Cause I’m just human too Don’t look at me ‘Cause Christ died for me too Don’t look at me ‘Cause I need a savior too Don’t look at me ‘Cause I might fail you Don’t look at me ‘Cause I must deny myself too Don’t look at me ‘Cause I gotta bear my cross too Don’t look at, don’t look at me! No! V2: Not omnipresent Can’t be there like the Jackson 5 Right now I’m alive But someday I’m gonna die Don’t put your faith in man We just pilgrims passing by This our voyage, it’s kind of rocky I’m on the same boat as you guy I’m not saying to ignore fam and friends But it should be only God that we fully depend Like diapers his grace cleans up our mess His praise clothes us when we’re undressed God’s better than Poster-Pedic Giving us rest No longer calling tails ‘Cause in Him I’m the head Only God brings life While sin brings death Only God can complete you Not your spouse Plus God will never leave you Everybody else will bounce In Him you can be secure Unlike your job Employed in Christ for life Don’t expect to be laid off He paid your debt So you don’t need no stimulus check You can always count on God Even when money is taken out of your check Chorus 2x
Superstar 04:00
Supastar! Intro: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa whoa! Hold up girl! Slow down a second! Slow down a second! I ain’t trying to holla at you! Nah, not at all! I ain’t trying to play Mr. Smooth or nothing I just heard what those bustas said to you Called you out your name Called you the B word and all kinds of stuff ‘Cause you won’t give them the time of day But nah, nah, Nah You ain’t gotta walk with your head down They ain’t even worth it Can I talk to you for a second just to encourage you? Iyight, listen… Verse 1: Girl you can do what you put your mind to Just walk in the light and just speak the truth You ain’t gotta micro-manage yourself Demean your body Micro-mini on yo self Guys stare As a tear make your eye glare Lipstick, eyeshadow, and permed hair Outside looks fearless But inside mad fear U feel like paper that’s torn Old shoes broken and worn Stepped on, crept on Homie wasn’t hubbie Slept on U think God forsook you Nah, the devil mistook you Don’t be fooled by what’s common Have a sense that’s more than common Have a sense of the Holy Spirit Sheep know is voice Harken when you hear it But you don’t wanna get near it You ran from church You ran from God Ran into the world and done got lost Chorus: Hey girl Don’t you know you’re a supasta! Don’t you know you’re a supasta! Hey! Hey! Hey girl Don’t you know that you’re gonna go far Don’t you know that you’re gonna go far Hey! Hey! Verse 2: These brothas don’t know your worth Apart from the cost of your shirt They don’t that you’re the apple of God’s eye That ur sweeter than pie That ur not a sex slave But Heavenly made Regardless of what these bums said Your made for more than just the bed Christ died and bled So you can live These knuckleheads, though they be it You must forgive They say you think you too cute Well, dawg guess what?! She’s to good for you Hey girl, God’s in love with you Run back to Him faster than Lola He’ll heal the pain That controlled you Make you sane Just take hold of The king of hearts Your heavenly daddy He wants to flatter thee He truly loves thee Like how you oughta love ya self Christ is your everlasting help Get ashy on knees knelt And repent of your past Look to the present at last And watch your future outlast your past Chorus (2x) Verse 3: A change is coming Yes, a change is coming today More than cents or dollars True blessing, no big balla More than Gucci bags And a diamond collar It’s Christ Who died to redeem your life But only if you accept Him For He’s better than any purchase You can make in your life Why you nervous He can make everything right Oh, ‘cause He’s a man> And men have always hurt you Well girl, here’s some truth He’s fully man and fully God Three in one, true foundation Save you from being lost No longer be bound Or be on all fours like a hound May your mind be sound Countenance up and negativity down Now when these thugs look at you They won’t look at you the same They won’t even recognize you ‘Cause your filled with the truth That done set you free And in Christ, you know who you be Now rejoice And no longer weep Chorus 2x Outro: All my Boston girls is some supastas! All my New York girls is some supastas! All my Philly girls is some supastas! My Miami girls is some supastas! All my ATL girls is some supastas! All my Tennessee girls is some supastas!! All my L.A. girls is supastas! Christian women all over the world You’re a supastar!!!
I'm Here 4 U 02:43
I’m Here For You Intro: Yo, just imagine You’re just in a time of prayer And just praise and worship And God just starts to minister to you like “I’m here for you, I’m there’ for you” “In this situation and that situation” “And every kind of situation you can think of” God’s just dropping knowledge and you’re encouraged Imagine right now God’s speaking to you like this… Verse 1: I’m there for you In your time of need I’m there for you Like a band aid on a skinned knee I’m here for you When nobody is around I’m here for you Through the storms and clouds I’m that best friend Who fights your fights When it’s a blackout I got that flashlight When you’re broke And down on hard times I’ll come out the cut Like a stimulus check when your money is all dried When you need the word I’m that preacher Teacher out sick I’ll be your substitute teacher I’m there when you’re stuck on the road And need a spare tire On the third floor And the house is on fire I’ll come to your rescue Like a fire fighter Give you rest when you’re weary and tired I’m here like a breathing stone Stand upon the solid rock Cause you’re never alone I’m there when you call Just pick up the phone Chorus (2x): I’m here like this I’m here like that I’ll be there for you Know that I’m here for you In town or on a trip Or wherever you at I’ll always be there Know that I’m here for you Verse 2: I’m there for you like a tutor Like the geek squad ready to fix your computer When tolls are too much and you need to car pool Like Kingdom Affiliates providing for DJs in a record pool I’m there like the maid of honor or the best man I’m there like peanut butter with the jelly and the jam I’m there when you sleep I’m there when you rise I’m there when you weep I’m there when you delight Like a father for a son Or a mother for a daughter When you need to get things done In precision and in order I’m here for you when feel like being quiet Be your peace in the midst of the riot I’m there when you can’t see your next meal I’m there when life’s decisions are like deal or no deal I’m here like a customer service rep When you don’t know where to go I’ll show you the next step Chorus (2x) Vamp: Like a triple fat goose in the winter or Like ma with the tweezers removing a splinter I’ll always be here Never will leave you Give you a hope and a future Words assured, never deceive you
We Alive 03:38
We Alive! Intro: Everybody just clap your hands! Everybody just clap your hands! (4x) Chorus: We live, we die This is the pattern of life We sin, we die But made alive in Christ We live, we die This is the circle of life God’s opened our eyes It’s only in Christ we alive! Verse 1: My life used to be weekend at Bernie’s A dead corpse trying to live it up On a sinful journey No longer chillin’ with Rigor and Mortis Spirit man not slow like a tortoise ‘Cause it’s been quickened Since my mind shifted From the graveyard shift to the 9 to 5 It’s Christ who made me alive You can question why I left old friends Don’t follow the trends Don’t need odds and ends ‘Cause my pursuit of happiness Isn’t the American “dream” I’m pursuing C.R.E.A.M. Christ rules everything around me All that’s within me Sin in me Gotta go quickly No death in me Not sickly Blue like the smurf Blessed feet, I’m taking new turf Peace, joy, and righteousness I’m alive homie Ain’t no fighting this Chorus 2x Verse 2: I was pale Until I got a Son-tan (get it?) Christ is real Fully God and fully man No longer in a coffin coughin’ Brushed off the dust and maggots Story victorious, no where near tragic Call me religulous, I’m a still be laughing Through every affliction Every addiction Building eviction False convictions Don’t matter what you throw at me Take your best shot It won’t prosper against me I’m still standing y’all Part of a new breed You can call us immortal We gonna live eternally Redeemed Bebe’s kids We don’t die, we multiply Born again Like the marines we “simper fi” For us that means We always faithful to the most higi Like Haddon sings We alive! Chorus 2x Verse 3: We live it up El vida santo Screaming: Ahora vienen Espiritu Santo We have life que viven en el agua So take a sip of the live agua Pass the pan de vida The living word for every Senor y senorita ‘Cause we can’t live on bread alon Pero cada palabra de la boca de dios This be Boston to Miami sound Got life in Christ Then your Heaven bound Now a royal priesthood Who be casting crowns At the feet of the king Every knee bow down To the one who died So we may have life I’m talking about the Historical and biblical Christ The bridegroom coming back for His wife Those who be alive in Him Start throwing rice Chorus 2x Outro: Everybody just clap your hands! Everybody just clap your hands! (4x)


In a post-modern world that believes everything is relative and pushes for humanism comes an album that declares that there are no greylines, just life in Black & White. Black & White is an on time project for generation that is seeking answers to many of lifes questions. God has the answer the answer to all of those questions and this album seeks to answer some of those questions.

We do not seek to be offensive as Christians but the truth of the Word of God will come off as such. Black & White is an honest introspective view of everyday from a Biblical worldview. Through history, experience, and scripture, understanding can be brought to any grey and cloudy view when the Son-light shines down.

This is the album that I have wanted to create for quite some time. I hope these thoughts and studies of mine in song form will strengthen, bring you insight, cause freedom, and ultimately, bring you closer to the true and living God. It is time to stop blurring the lines and allow the truth to be seen in black and white so that color does not confuse us, but reality of life will be blatant to us.


released January 5, 2010

Production Credits

All tracks produced by DJ Triple Threat for 343 Music Productions except for the following:

JRobinson produced track 1 for Sight And Sound Productions

Fonz Produced track 7 for 343 Music Productions

C-Kret produced tracks 2 and 11 for Ma$$ Destruction Ent.

Rudament produced tracks 4 and 14 for Rudament Music Company

Juma produced track 8 for Juma Music

Disciple produced track 19 for 343 Music Productions

Stanley Porter produced track 18 for 4:12 Records

C-Kret and Fonz co-produced track 17

*Disciple appears courtesy of Hope Records
*J. Robinson appears courtesy of Sight & Sound Productions
*K-Drama appears courtesy of T.H.I.S. Click Music
*Yung Semaj appears courtesy of S.O.A.K. Records


all rights reserved



DJ Triple Threat Boston, Massachusetts

DJ Triple Threat is a rapper, DJ, and music producer based in Boston, MA. He started rapping at the age of eight and has been going hard ever since. A DJ since 2003 and making beats since the early 2000's. He has released 4 major albums, 2 mixtapes, a Christmas album, and has hosted two mixtapes featuring artists. Look out for many more releases from DJ Triple Threat throughout 2012!!! ... more

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