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I'm A Vessel ft. Vessel

from Black & White by DJ Triple Threat



I’m A Vessel featuring Vessel


This is not a test
But an announcement from the PEWS
The Public Emergency Worship System
The world continues to pollute the eyes
And the ears of the people
Even those in church
With images of false prosperity
Loose sexuality and all forms of idolatry
We’re calling on everyone to pray
So that we can save our nation
Including ourselves from this ailing condition
Showing love and be humble
And the day approaches
When the risen savior
Jesus Christ will return
The pride of the devil was his fall
So let us not be prideful of our selves
We’re just the vessels

Verse 1 (DJ Triple Threat):

I’m just an empty basin
Sin laced with
Poisonous liquid
The world is venomous
Lord cut off the head quick
Empty me out of me
And fill me up with you
Less of me, and whole lot more of you
‘Cause without you I don’t know what to do
Like a lost dog who ain’t gotta clue
I’m dingy like Tony
Without Christ blood
Now I’m a believer
Used to front like I was a thug
New wine skin
Old skin gone
No longer a slave to sin
Or trying to live wrong and strong
That means I won’t burst
Like the Red Sox
You reversed the curse
An empty vessel
Pumping new blood
From that transplant
Use me to speak to the world
Now a kingdom transplant
That means I’m servant
Not grace deserving
I hope you learning
That I don’t spit about I
‘Cause when I go bye bye
Christ the king
Is still crack the sky


Who I am is not important
I’m just a vessel of God who’s been appointed
These words I speak ain’t mine
I’m just flowing the scriptures anointed
I’m just a vessel

Verse 2 (Vessel):

Wasn’t called on the road to Damascus
Was always set apart from these masses
Used go to mass as a Catholic
Each week I sat there asking
What more to life than this here?
Sitting with my family and my peer
God called for me to go higher
Like Christ I am to inspire
Be filled with God’s desire
That Holy Spirit to acquire
My heart in need of your purity
For in this life there is no security
Use me a living sacrifice
For my sins you already paid that price
Fill my mouth
Flow with your Word
No stress for me
Because like the bird
You've provided all my needs
Each day I fall to my knees
Praying that my mind be renewed
So in my pattern is not me but you
My heart filled up from your fountain
In faith I can move any mountain
Dwell on your thoughts and your ways
With you I'll remain ‘til the end days



from Black & White, released January 5, 2010
Produced by DJ Triple Threat


all rights reserved



DJ Triple Threat Boston, Massachusetts

DJ Triple Threat is a rapper, DJ, and music producer based in Boston, MA. He started rapping at the age of eight and has been going hard ever since. A DJ since 2003 and making beats since the early 2000's. He has released 4 major albums, 2 mixtapes, a Christmas album, and has hosted two mixtapes featuring artists. Look out for many more releases from DJ Triple Threat throughout 2012!!! ... more

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