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from Black & White by DJ Triple Threat




Verse 1:

Born in ’79, not expected to live
Parents 17, third trimester abortion
The method: saline
Eighteen hours I fought
Born alive, nurse surprised
Not expected to walk
Determined, started walking at 3
With the aid of walker
Cause I have cerebral palsy
Orphaned at a young age
Adopted by Penny
Today many are amazed
By miraculous story
My mom tried to kill me
But I forgive her willingly
Can’t quit, giving up’s not an option
Life is a blessing
There’s no stoppin’
Sharing my testimony
And training, running marathons worldwide
You can say I
Could’ve had a horror story
God kept me before my youth
I give Him all the glory
My name is Giana Jessen
I survived an abortion
I testify of His blessings
For God is my portion

Chorus (2x):

I’m a survivor
More than a conqueror
No weapon forged
Against me shall prosper
I’m a survivor
I’m still standing y’all
All glory to God
The reason why I’m standing tall
I’m a survivor
More than a conqueror
No weapon forged
Against me shall prosper
I’m a survivor
He knew me before my birth
Protected me
Cause He knows my worth

Verse 2:

Locked in a cell
Don’t know if tomorrow I’ll live
My Christian fam killed
But I know they still living
Persecuted for speaking my faith
Beatdown, spat upon, and punched in my face
In the face of death
Not fearing death
Deprived sleep, daily beat, I’m starving
Drug injected and still I’m starving
Cause Communist, they don’t want religion
Wanna silence and muzzle and put restrictions
Shackled like a dog for my Christianity
In this world of insanity, greed, and vanity
I’m free in spirit
Through Christ who lives in me
They can strip me naked
Torture me ‘til I can’t take it
This is truly pain
But to live is Christ and to die is gain
Rather go against the grain
In this Chinese hell hole
In Christ I’m whole
Maybe a prisoner
But I’m a survivor
A slave for Christ
Signing off from China


Verse 3:

Real recognize real
I used to gang bang
Streets flown through me
Gambling with big change
Buckin’ like the A-Team takin’ heads
‘Til one day my crew had wanted me dead
Rival gang I would befriend
My wife and daughter I left
Ducking to another country
Found a church
I wasn’t holy
Prostrate before God saying “I’m not worthy!”
A minister came by my side as I cried
Saying, “For your atrocious deed, you can be redeemed”
“This you must believe why Christ died”
Turned my life around
Came out of hiding
Went back for my fam
A new country we arriving
No longer fearing the bounty
Cause God’s got me
Doing prison ministry as a chaplain
And a pastor over ex-gang bangers
Saved from living like strangers
Set me free from my life of crime
Thought I had it all
Now my life’s not mine
Cause I give Christ my all



from Black & White, released January 5, 2010
Produced by Doc Watson


all rights reserved



DJ Triple Threat Boston, Massachusetts

DJ Triple Threat is a rapper, DJ, and music producer based in Boston, MA. He started rapping at the age of eight and has been going hard ever since. A DJ since 2003 and making beats since the early 2000's. He has released 4 major albums, 2 mixtapes, a Christmas album, and has hosted two mixtapes featuring artists. Look out for many more releases from DJ Triple Threat throughout 2012!!! ... more

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