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Daydreamin' ft. K​-​Drama & Yung Semaj

from Black & White by DJ Triple Threat



Daydreamin’ featuring K-Drama and Yung Semaj

Verse 1 (DJ Triple Threat):

Head is in the clouds
Triple Threat is floating
Say I’m outta town
Glazed over, eyes still open
Daydreamin’, sub dreamin’
Of racial harmony
Everybody singing in harmony
Nobody given in marriage
No need for e-harmony
Everybody healed
To the King of Kings we yield
Heavenly hosts everywhere
But there’s no show
Family everywhere
Mad love, no fear
Yo, this is so dope
Seeing the saints of old
And the saints of new
In their robes
God on His throne
But my bubble burst
An overwhelming sense of trouble thirst
Sickness, addiction
Disobedience, straight sinning
This is the world we live in
There’s the grace of God
But we reject His forgiveness
This is the opposite of my dream
What kind of world is this?!
This is hell here
Folk on welfare
Spiritual warfare
And digital warfare
God is still here
Interceding while day dreamin’
A better future will be here, hey!

I’m daydreamin’
Dreamin’ what the world could be
I’m daydreamin’
Dreamin’ one day the blind will see
I’m daydreamin’
Dreamin’ we can agree
Dreamin’ of God’s kingdom
Where we’ll all be free

Verse 2 (K-Drama):

Yo, Uh
I’m sitting at my desking
My mind at rest
Eyes still open
Seeing the best (yes!)
Seeing the world
Trusting in God
Helping each other
Until problems are resolved, pause
Putting other before yourself
Not being selfish
Always willing to help
Teens celebrated for being themselves
Sitting in church
By the message compelled
To stand up for some righteousness
To understand how painful sin is
To ban together to ban sin out there lives
To man up and live a life like Christ
To be a woman and not a video vixen
Even though the things of this world are tempting
I’m praying as dream so the world can be this
A world filled with people that love Jesus


Verse 3 (Yung Semaj):

It’s ya boy Semaj! Haha!
What up Triple Threat?!
Yeah, let’s get it!
I’m dreamin’ of the day
They dreamin’ of the way
The truth and life
I bring truth to the light
I bring day to the night
By what I say through my mic
I’m amazed by His might
Giving praise is how I fight
Pay attention I’ma mention
Ways to beat your opposition
I’m committed if you listen
You’ll be given your prescription
My intention that’s intended
Is to stop you from pretending
I’m daydreamin’
Dreamin’ that the world was right
I’m daydreamin’
Dreamin’ that the world love Christ
And they feenin’
Feenin’ for eternal life
It ain’t easy
But I gurantee it’s right
And it’s pleasing
Pleasing in Jehovah’s sight
Don’t get greedy (why?)
Greed will only to pride
Blood leaking
Bleeding from His holy side
He freely hung on that tree and died
I’m day dreamin’
Dreamin’ that the blind can see
I’m daydreamin’
Dreamin’ of the spirit in me
And I’m breathin’ life into every breath
And I’m leavin’
Walking with Him every step
Man, stop cheating
Won’t you just take a test?
And start believing
That He will come and do the rest
This evening
I realized I was blessed
And no reason
He is just good Himself
He turned my dreams into reality
Now life is how it oughta be


from Black & White, released January 5, 2010
Produced by DJ Triple Threat


all rights reserved



DJ Triple Threat Boston, Massachusetts

DJ Triple Threat is a rapper, DJ, and music producer based in Boston, MA. He started rapping at the age of eight and has been going hard ever since. A DJ since 2003 and making beats since the early 2000's. He has released 4 major albums, 2 mixtapes, a Christmas album, and has hosted two mixtapes featuring artists. Look out for many more releases from DJ Triple Threat throughout 2012!!! ... more

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