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The Journey

from The Journey by DJ Triple Threat



v1: Lost out at sea like Jack Sparrow
With Caribbean pirates aiming their barrels
Ninas, eating pintos
Practicing santa maria
You know, that Columbua ship
Can't curse me even if one slips
Situations be a potty
Like your mouth
But I speak life against all doubts
I follow the compus
Back to the dry land campus
But my own decisions hamper
The final destination, now dampered
Hitting waves, hills, and valleys
No water in Tauren's well sadly
Been thirsty for 40 days and 40 nights
A magic lamp brought frights
Princess Jasmine I couldn't imagine
As I wake up in desert
Shipwrecked and deserted
Worship got me wrecked
But His grace I don't deserve it
I never do this journey proper like
Instead of being Christ like
I can be vice like
Standing left stage need to get right
With Christ as the center light


V2: This island desert should be solitude
But I want out
Not in the mood
Once again leaning on my ways
Acting up in another play
He brought a mighty long way
But disobedience can make it a turbulent way
The can cause calamities
That be slamming me
To the canvas
While wearing my Adidas canvas
Then I remember He's the standard
I can no longer stand up
Then I heard
Him say follow me
As a boat, 2 boats, 3 boats came by
I was waiting for that one that was fly
The fish were like man this guy
God's blessings aren't disguised
Like Batman
Facts man
He provides what we need
We go to our own perceived glory
New Day! Same story
Without X, Kofi, or Big E
Sin doesn't rock
Jesus is greater than positivity


V3: Last ride came
Before I met the Undertaker
It's a shame
We don't learn until
He breaks us
He restored me
But I gotta constantly fight me
Can't hang with Captain Jack's
Or fight my own battles
Going my own way is whack
The Lord will fight all my battles
So get off the high horse and saddle
Cuz prayer is how we fight our battles
Lastly gotta be where the Lord be at
No Nickelodeon, we ain't all that
No cap
Jesus is where its at
No chips or a soda on the side
Why do some like drama
And crazy rides
Talk about a double mind
Some of us have been there
And some of us go there
But we need to go where
There is peace
Where there is hope
Can't find it among we
That is nope
It is found in he
In whom we boast
In whom we're free
In whom we place our hope



from The Journey, released March 26, 2021
Produced by Disciple (D.I.)


all rights reserved



DJ Triple Threat Boston, Massachusetts

DJ Triple Threat is a rapper, DJ, and music producer based in Boston, MA. He started rapping at the age of eight and has been going hard ever since. A DJ since 2003 and making beats since the early 2000's. He has released 4 major albums, 2 mixtapes, a Christmas album, and has hosted two mixtapes featuring artists. Look out for many more releases from DJ Triple Threat throughout 2012!!! ... more

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